Weighing your horse.

The amount of times I hear “my horse weighs about what ever  Kgs”  and the owner isnt concerned about that comment. It is so important to know the exact weight for your horses.

1-  If your towing your horse you should know for the loading weight, so you are not braking the law.

2-   So you you know how much you should be feeding so you can judge for the amount of work/feed ratio.

3-  Far more important from my point of view is so you can administer medications such as wormers accurately. If you underdose by even 50kgs you could be aiding worm resistance. This is where the worms become resistant to the chemicals in the wormers, so it may  be affective against some of the worms but the ones not affected will then reproduce and the immature worm will also become resistant and so on and so on. I am a very matter of fact person and I am all about reality. I do not like to scare monger but I also do not want to ignore how important this is. If you underdose your horse every time you worm and when using all the different chemical groups the worms will become resistant to those chemical groups. WHAT are we going to do when no wormer is affective against the worms in your horses gut. Nothing! There will be nothing that we can do other than watch our beloved horses suffer in silence as the worms take hold and drain our horses of all the protein that they have. You lose money as you are pumping feed into your horse to try and put weight on as he/she loses proteins and more importantly you lose your horse there will be nothing we can do to save him/her that is the reality of not knowing your horses weight.

Please like myself realise the importance of this subject I would hate to see people so upset about how ill there horses have become, when it could have been avoided by simply getting them weighed.

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